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Suspicious oddball leaving us... that Katsu-man there's something fishy about him.

Murugu is Suzaku's eyes in the sky! I'll find squishy details about him :D maybe he gets killed and there's a lot of bloodage and gutage!

Allies only~ ♡ ♡

So far no news/reports from the munchkins. I wonder if they're still alive hehehe I wouldn't be surprised if that human Hagiri was eaten by a walrus I hope

The city has been so hot and boring, there's nothing to do and Suzaku-sama is nowhere to be seen! D: I hope he hasn't fallen into the sewers accidentally!

I'm always watching that little man Youda, he looks like a mummy all wrinkled and dry. He's always sitting next to the window writing down stuff or reading odd books he sometimes gives me weird glares telling me to go away.

That's all for today dear reader eeeehehehe! Murugu reporting from Youda's chair at midnight! ♡♡♡ *Let him another surprise*

Alliessss only

I've been bored lately.. Suzaku-sama isn't around *wah* It gets me on my nerves! Damned ningens its all their fault! They waste Suzaku-sama's time! I hope he plans their demise soon! You'll see! Your music and songs are fucktarded! WITH CAPITAL F

I hope you all die mangled into morbid lumps of rotting flesh and bowelsssssssssss <- the same goes for you Puutard *flips off*

So back to the purpose of the entry... heheheh I've been researching stuff around the secret library the goats keep (I could easily sneak and Youda didn't realize. Even I left him a small gift on his chair. He'll sit on it, Murugu can tell! Then someone will have to wash his dress. Hope they put the human Hagiri or the human Sensui to clean it *glee*

I found some more details about the shards you are looking for. The one in that place called India is very well pretty hidden in the jungle! Not far from you guys were sent there's a town and far from that town there are some ruins called Srāvastī. It looks like a pyramid with steps ..and there are plants everywhere! There are lots of big and hairy insects and other ferocious ang hungry animals. It looks like the typical temple of movies, I bet inside it there are traps and poisoned darts, giant boulders and arrows. Maybe you'll find statues with many arms which will try to kill you :3
Anyway! Inside that temple there must be an altar with a special lock only demons can open with their youki (that's why humans never found it! Haha! Take that UGLY TWO-LEGGED BEASTS!)

Mmmnnrr that's all I found...


We were sent to this mountain with that muscly-man Tog.. Suzaku-sama isn't around at all gotta bet he's still torturing humans without me! Murugu was left at home as a keeper GRRRHISSSGRAWCK!1 Murugu isn't happy

Maybe in the end we'll stay here and the Tog will do all the job
That's be fine with me :3 He is scary like his freak brother!

Yomi's side only

I don't know when we'll be going to the mountain. Like how we'll arrive there? Murugu doesn't know how to!

Suzaku-sama is busy still! He is currently at a concert

Its all old rotting man's fault! squawk!

Waaaaaaaaaagg (Yomi's allies only)

I have to go to a shrine with some guy who was a human and then turned into a demon and is pure muscle!

Oh buddy! That guy IS gross, like Puu but less fat. Even! He's the brother of the monstruous playdoh man!

Waaaaah ;__; Suzaku-sama has not been around! He is always hanging around with his gang of human slaves!

If they send me with Toguro Otouto alone he'll eat me! I just know it!! >_>

School staff peepole onlii

I saw a strange source of light comming from the neighbor building yesterday! I dunno what was just it shone like a huge lamp! There was also some curious power there

Maybe the Younger Toguro fighting the microwave? He'd lose >:D

That buttwad penguin Puu has fallen silent again though he makes interesting comments. Urameshi bald? Bald Urameshi? Grease? Ya .. his hair looked kinda filthy when we fought oozing a cheap gel


That damned penguin Puu found out I was here! How did he do that? Bizarre winged rat grr
He's just like Yusuke Urameshi but smaller and fatter. Grrr he gets me in a bad mood! He even insulted my username! Little punk *fumes*

I hate him more than the ho! Gwak can you believe that!!?!? Grr

I've seen Shishi has a fangirl club *snarl* I should get rid of them dirty ningens could never date a demon! I'd love to comply with Suzaku-sama's orders .. but I have too many enemies to chase. I can postpone my stalking and collecting information for later.

Murugu has evil to plan!


Suzaku-sama asked me to watch Yusuke and his friends like I have always done.
There's something fishy about this.. none of his friends has been here at school! I don't understand!


They're making things difficult

School Staff only

They killed Urashima! He was a weak pawn like many around here! Just like Genbu, Byakko and Seiryuu hahahaha I knew he was going to die

I wonder who's next! Maybe It'll be the nurse!

SQUAWCK yesterday there was an earthquake! Everything was shaking T.T I can fly so it ddn't affect me at all! Ha-ah the advantages of the winged ones

Yusuke Urameshi and his friends now have a new friend! Whoever that one is, he'll be fun to torture! He sounds like a weakling! Teehee Murugu will have fun torturing him (^0^)

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